Friday, 19 November 2010

Lake Turkana birds

African white-backed vulture taken by a small colony in the South Horr valley

Buff-crested bustard very common between South Horr and Lake Turkana, it is seldom seen in the open like this one and tend to inhabit semi-wooded habitats on the edge of the desert.

Eastern chanting-goshawk

Lichtenstein's sandgrouse, really hard to find, i only managed to see one group in one week in the desert.

Roller, common in semi-wooded country.

Migrating steppe eagle, one of several seen migrating south during the week.

This Verreaux's eagle-owl was hunting weaver birds every night at South Horr Camp. Picture taken using a torch which it completley ignored and carried on hunting.


  1. Fantastic images Kev, but the Buff-Crested Bustard is out of this world!

  2. The buff crested bustard is superb Kev.Beautiful image.